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At Ride 2 Recovery, we adapt and modify bicycles on a daily basis and we have the ability to create one-of-a-kind specialty bikes from the ground up. With a nationwide team of mechanics and engineers led by Scott Moro, we can create very unique bikes with custom frame designs and any adaptions needed to help with the mental and physical health of our Healing Heroes. The following are examples of the amazing work that has helped our Healing Heroes reach their goal of being free to ride.

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Hand Cycles

Hand cycles are great for those who simply cannot use their legs, or those who are not yet accustomed to using prosthetics. They are also helpful to those with injuries that initially prevent them from riding an upright bike until they can gain enough strength and stamina through rehabilitation and recovery to ride an upright.

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Recumbents are the bike of choice for those with full use of their body but may have a severe balance issue, have severe back or arm/shoulder issues preventing them from using their core to hold up their upper body on an upright, or for those with below and above the knee amputations who need to build leg strength before switching to an upright bike.

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Kenny Butler

AE amputee

Kenny’s bike is a Raleigh Sortie Black Dual Suspension. Working with Kenny’s prosthesis, he has a very special prosthetic arm that utilizes a Fox Rear Suspension unit to help take up the bumps and vibrations of the road and trail. Using a R2R custom adapted Shimano DI2 Electronic shifting and hydraulic braking set up, Kenny is able to shift and brake both derailleurs and shifters using one hand with precise control.

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Delvin McMillian

Quadruple amputee

Delvin McMillian is a quadruple amputee who has been riding with Ride 2 Recovery for a few years now. During that time Delvin’s bike has undergone numerous modifications and upgrades as he has both gained confidence, and improved as a cyclist.

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Blind & double AK amputee

The “Chuckwagon” is an example of what R2R can do when presented with injuries that most if not all would say riding is not a possibility. Chuck is a blind double above the knee amputee. The bike we designed and made for him is a tandem Recumbent/Hand cycle.

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Jon Seyster

Spastic Tetraplegic Cerebral Palsy

This bike is designed for Jon Seyster who has the condition Spastic Tetraplegic Cerebral Palsy. This lightweight bike allows Jon to sit completely upright while still on a bike built for speed.

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Gulf Coast Challenge

February 28 - March 7, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia - New Orleans, LA

Texas Challenge

April 18 - 25, 2015 - Houston - Fort Worth, TX

Memorial Challenge

May 24 - 30, 2015 - Arlington - Virginia Beach

Germany Challenge

July 2 - 13, 2015 - Germany - Holland

Army vs. Navy Challenge

September 25 - October 3, 2015 - West Point - Annapolis, MD

California Challenge

October 17 - 24, 2015 - Palo Alto - Santa Monica, CA

Challenges are multi-day events that cover 350-450 miles. A Challenge will push the participant to their limit, both physically and mentally. Paid participation in a full Challenge ride includes hotel housing, limited rider support, luggage transportation (70lbs max), daily route guides, marked course, rest stops, snacks, meals. There may also be nighttime entertainment on selected evenings. You may also participate in any single day of a Challenge event.

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The Honor Rides Series raises awareness and is the funding arm for Ride 2 Recovery and gives the public the opportunity to ride with healing heroes and enlisted military on a non-competitive, fun ride. Close to 20 Honor Rides will take place throughout the year, with varying distances from 10 to 100 miles. All funds raised through the Honor Ride Series support Project Hero programs throughout the US.

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Ride 2 Recovery’s Project HERO (Healing Exercise Rehabilitation Opportunity) Provides training and support for community based programs. Begun in November 2010 at Bethesda Naval Medical Center (now Walter Reed National Military Medical Center), Project HERO has proven the effectiveness of group riding in the rehabilitation and recovery of injured servicemembers.

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June 10-July 29, 2015 -

Women Initiative - Fall

November 1 - 5, 2015 - Wonder Valley, California

Women Initiative - Spring

May 4 - 7, 2015 - Tahoe

Vegas Mountain Bike Ride 2015

January 25 - 28, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Special Events are meant to provide a rehabilitative experience for Healing Heroes that is similar to Ride 2 Recovery’s Challenge Series but in a unique location with different and distinctive activities. Generally, these events require advanced fitness and abilities compared to the Challenge Series.

Latest News

2015 UnitedHealthcare Challenge Series: Memorial Challenge

More than 200 injured veterans and their supporters will set off Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, on the UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge, a five-day, 360-mile rehabilitative ride from Washington, D.C. to Virginia Beach

Cyclist Stories

Delvin McMillian

Delvin McMillian had one question for the Ride 2 Recovery team, “how can I join the ride?” UnitedHealthcare employee, Walter Chwalik, told Delvin about Ride 2 Recovery and showed pictures from his ride in Florida. Our question at R2R was “how can we make a bike that will allow Delvin to ride independently?